Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Georgia Watson

"A lot of what ties us up in knots is where we are not acknowledging our gifts and potency. What greatness are you that you have not been acknowledging?"

- Georgia Watson C.F.


About Georgia Watson C.F.


Georgia Watson is one of the most extremely creative people you will ever meet. Her level of kindness and determination is a quality of hers, that if you cross her path, she will do whatever it takes to be there for you while gently sparking you into being everything you are truly capable of.


Georgia facilitates classes empowering people to not be stopped by the dominating forces of this reality. She has many tools and techniques for finding ways around the difficult areas of life with ease, elegance, and eloquence.

Written By Bret Rockmore

Access Consciousness Tools

Access Consciousness is based on the idea that you know and that your choice is what will create your future. 

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Gift of Domination

When domination shifts from something to avoid into something to embrace… what becomes possible?
If you didn’t allow yourself to be the effect of the people around you, what could you dominate into existence for you and for the world?
More laughter? More joy? More money? More sex?
How much of you are you willing to let show up?
Gift of Domination is an Official Access Consciousness Specialty Class Facilitated by Georgia Watson and sometimes with special guest Bret Rockmore. 
Private sessions on all topics around domination also available
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Private Sessions

Private sessions are available to explore what's on your mind. There is no judgment here. 15 minute quickie sessions are available, up to 1 hour 

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