I’m bossy, I’m mean, and I have more than I’m supposed to.

Most of us are taught by a young age, even before we realize it, that there are ways we should be and ways we shouldn't be.  

How many of us stop ourselves from being too much and too different in order to avoid peoples' judgements?

What if we could embrace and celebrate what's different about us? 

I’m often too direct with people and have a general lack of patience. Heck, I pick my nose sometimes! 

What if you could know you and embrace you with absolutley no judgement?

Growing up in Hawaii, I spent a lot of unsupervised time on the beach. Accountable only to myself, I learned to create my life to have a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment, and pride in who I am, what I do, and what I contribute to.

Being bullied in school, I quickly realized that friend groups weren’t everything, and I fostered within myself the willingness to never make myself less for anyone, no matter how ‘cool’ they seemed to be.

With the willingness to not function from the popular point of view,

I also developed a capacity to hear and know people’s secrets and limitations without judgment of them

I’m not sure whether this came from from the 9 months I spent in my mother’s womb while she was pursuing a PHD in psychology or what, but this superpower was one of the main reasons my business as a professional dominatrix was so successful.

One of the things I would like to create for the future is to talk with and educate teens about freedom with sexual experiences. To have total choice and a voice to communicate what is ok with them and what is not. That they get to lead where things go. 

Frankly, I’d like for all people to have this freedom. For them to have the dominance that comes with being the greatness of who they are. That dominance looks different for everyone. It's not force and it needs to be discovered what power and dominance is for each person that is different from what it would be for anyone else.


What’s the future you would like to create?

Whatever it is, keep choosing no matter what’s trying to stop you, keep being grateful for every good fortune you have, and keep asking for more no matter who it may piss off.

Bret Rockmore C.F.

Georgia Watson is one of the most extremely creative people you will ever meet. Her level of kindness and determination is a quality of hers, that if you cross her path, she will do whatever it takes to be there for you while gently sparking you into being everything you are truly capable of. 

Georgia facilitates classes empowering people to not be stopped by the dominating forces of this reality. She has many tools and techniques for finding ways around the difficult areas of life with ease, elegance, and eloquence.

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When domination shifts from something to avoid into something to embrace… what becomes possible?
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How much of you are you willing to let show up?
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