Welcome to the Body Awareness Challenge, created by magnetic foodie, Georgia Watson C.F.

This 5 week program invites you to step into a new way of being with your body and food.

A way of being that puts you in the center and in the driver's seat.

Simply adoring your sweet body and enjoying the nourishing food you choose to eat.

This challenge is customized completely for you by you.

But, that doesn't mean you're left to flounder all by yourself.
Georgia will be taking you step by step with weekly mini classes. Each builds upon the other, giving you the tools required to have way more ease and fun than you thought possible.

This 5 Week Body Awareness Challenge Includes:

1. Private Facebook Group

2. Weekly Mini-classes led by Georgia on Zoom
Topics we will cover will include: 
- Decoding Your Body’s Communication 
- What Does Food Mean To You? 
- What Are The Lies Of Food? 
- What Does Your Body Have To Do With The Earth? 
- What Is Communion With Your Body?
and more!

3. Facebook lives with Georgia and very special guests:
- Choosing To Eat or Eating to Choose? with Max Zoulek
- Receiving Plant Medicine with Monica Gilliam
- Movement Magic with Kalpana Raghuraman
- Flirting With Your Body with Sylvia Puentes

4. An Introduction to a body awareness challenge created by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, designed to facilitate greater ease in communicating with your body.

5. Facebook Lives on Surprise Topics

6. Fun challenges and activities 

7. Amazing recipes and cooking tips from Georgia’s upcoming cookbook


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Facebook Group


Weekly Mini Classes
Led by Georgia on Zoom!


Facebook Lives!


Special Guest


Fun Challenges
& Activities!


Amazing Recipes and
Cooking Tips!


An Introduction to the
Way of Eating Created
By Gary Douglas