The Burn

Doing hard stuff and starting to love it, a little bit, maybe, some of the time

Have something you’re putting off?

With the projects that you would like to be working on, do you ever feel like there’s this invisible wall to getting started?

That you should just put it off until a time where it feels right?

Do you often wait to do something until it becomes an emergency situation where you absolutely HAVE to do it right then?

When you’re avoiding doing these things that you know will create your future, what you end up doing is cheating yourself of that future you’d like to have.

When you’re avoiding doing the things that will contribute to you, it’s actually YOU that you’re avoiding.


In This Class, We Will Be Exploring:
How to go beyond that avoidance that feels very real and very justifiable and give you the tools to move beyond it into the willingness to have and be and include more of YOU in your work than you have been before.

Watch out! It might include too much of YOU to be able to have a miserable future!


Price: $10 USD

- Zoom Class with Georgia and Bret
- Video and audio replay of the call

This call was recorded January 29th, 2024