Are You Being Dominated? & How Not To Be

Who would you be and how strong would you be in the world if you were no longer subject to manipulation, bullying and control?

What if you could be everything you are with no force, no effort, no strain and no guilt?

This intro course is about identifying areas of our lives where we allow ourselves to be dominated.

Forever change personal interactions and how others see you in the world and how you see yourself.



Call 1 - February 23rd, 2pm CDT Your Local Time Here 
Call 2 - March 1st, 2pm CDT Your Local Time Here
Call 3 - March 8th, 2pm CDT Your Local Time Here


Price: $275 USD


- 3, 90 Minute Zoom Classes with Georgia and Bret 
- Video and audio replay of all 3 of the classes

Note: If you are interested in topic further, addending this 3 part series is a prerequisite for The Gift of Domination